Mar 31, 2015

March 2015 - The VKWC in Dakhla Morocco.

During the last few months we all heard many gossips about the new owners of the World Tour, no one was sure about what really happened there but two days before the first event of the season in Dakhla Morocco the truth got released and the Tour announced it's partnership with Virgin. Those were big news for all of us as this helps kiteboarding to be in a brighter future. Oh, and for the ones who don't know it there has been a change from PKRA to VKWC (Virgin Kitesurfing World Championships).

The event in Morocco was two weeks long, during the first week the plan was to run the qualifiers, these are made for the riders to get a spot on the main event during the first half of the season. It was a big change for all the non top 14 riders as before we were used to have the chance to qualify right before each event. We started the qualifiers for the men and women, 7 spots in the main event for the men and 2 for the women were teasing us a great week of riding was in front of us. With the new competition format with a smaller box and a brand new judging criteria and system we were all really nervous and looking forward to see what was going to happen. Like they say no one likes changes. 
The wind wouldn't cooperate until the last few days of the period but we moved back and forth from the Speed spot to the main spot allowed us to finish the QS. Also for the first time ever we have Big Air as a discipline on tour and we saw the craziest action there.
Unfortunately there isn't a spot for me on the freestyle main event for this year, so I'm going to keep training and focusing on the next ones. 

The main event. 
I think the kiteboarding scene has been waiting for something like this for ages, no one is injured all the world champs and best riders in the world are back on tour so the most exciting year ever is ahead of us. This year the organizers decided to run the event at the Speed Spot instead of using the normal choppy spot in front of the hotel. Those where great news for all of us as that being said we were going to run the event in what probably is one of the top freestyle kiteboarding spots worldwide with it's perfect off shore steady winds and the flattest water you can ever dream of. The level was mind blowing the highest scoring tricks ever were being landed and you could easily find 720's on every heat of the event. The new scoring system is based on three different aspects of the trick, intensity, technical and execution. Every judge scores one of these three aspects and then these get a concrete percentage on the final score, this though had some mistakes which have to be solved but with more practice it will work better. We saw new tricks being land like the Hart Attack 5 from Liam and Double Half Cabs by pretty much everyone! 
During the main event I took the advantage of the time off I had and I filmed for another #TEAMMATES episode which will be out soon, oh and I also shot some nice pics from everyone. 

Double Half Cab.  
Liam Whaley Winner. 
Dahkla it's a wrap and we all look forward to see who's going to take the title home and the level to increase by the year! Congrats to the winners Liam and Karolina. 


Mar 9, 2015

February 2015 - Red Bull King of the Air.

This year I finally had the chance to watch live one of the biggest kiteboarding events of the year, the Red Bull King of the Air which happens in Cape Town every year. For the first time the event got split in three different days as the wind didn't cooperate, on the first day not much action happened as the riders were riding 11m kites and these aren't the best conditions to go big and pull extreme stuff. On the second and third day the wind was way stronger, specially on the third day I remember to be sitting at the beach and you could feel the adrenaline, the beach vibe everyone was shouting and cheering for the riders on the finals, it happened fast but the action was intense and fulfilled with amazing jumps. The highlight of the day was probably Ruben Lenten and his K.O. crash, he went for a really big dangle pass on really shallow water and got totally chained on the landing. I thought he was dead for a few seconds but I guess he deserved to survive ;)

The final was such a battle between Aaron and Kevin, I think Aaron really deserved the win as he pushed kiteboarding to next levels with Mega loop KGB's and Double dangle passes. Congrats to him! 

During the contest I got the chance to film for the second episode of #TEAMMATES showcasing my team mates of course and all my friends and people who were hanging out with us during the event. Enjoy! 

Cheers from the south of Spain!

Jan 30, 2015

January 2015 in Cape Town

Celebrated my first year riding for the Best Global team on the 1st of January and what better way to do it than flying to Cape Town for the next 1.5 months. I spent my first few weeks here with my team mate Lewis Crathern with who I had an awesome time kiteboarding and hanging out. Discovered pretty much all of the spots in the first two weeks, we drove to Langebaan, Muizenberg, Milnerton, Big Bay, Brandlevi... We also did an amazing hike up to Lions Head were we scored an amazing sunset. 

Here in South Africa training has gone well even though it isn't windy every day we enjoy it surfing, wake boarding or doing other activities than kitting. Having other cool stuff to do besides Kiteboarding makes this destination one of the top ones on the list. For kitting my spot of choice so far has been Muizenberg as the quality of the riding there was top, but we can't forget Brandlevi. The spot its 1h drive away from Cape Town, a lake surrounded by mountains, fresh water and the best is that you can ride board shorts so that makes it a lot better than the freezing water in cape town. Here are some POV shots I took on my GoPro there. 

Right now we are all really looking forward for the Red bull King Of the Air which is happening any time between Jan 31st and Feb 15th. And hopefully cape doctor delivers an awesome day for the action to happen! 

Cheers from Cape Town! 

Jan 19, 2015

Making of the Kitespain Magazine cover shot.

For those of you who didn't know last year in September I went to Canada, where I visited my good friend Sam Medysky and filmed our latest movie "Northern Fresh" ( While we were there filming Sam had the idea to also hire a photographer so we could have pictures as well from the movie, it turned out pretty cool. Josh Pietras Sam's friend from high school visited us for a few days and got some insane pictures.

The first day Josh was there we didn't had the best of luck with the conditions everyone was really nervous as we had a limited amount of time to shoot. On the second day I woke up with the wind wishing on my window and a storm of 20-25kts. We headed to the spot to set the park up and get ready to shoot. At that point I remember myself thinking more than once what am I doing here? The wind was freezing and the water was even more cold which made it even hard to perform on those new obstacles. 

Oliphant fishing islands was the main spot of the film.
Myself thinking what am I doing here? This place its too cold for kiting. 
It started raining and our 11m's GP were ready and we were putting our wetsuits on. Josh had to find a plastic bag for his Canon 5d and Steve ( already had a whole ski jacket protecting his badass Sony FS700. I think we all thought that the rain was going to be an excuse to stop the shoot and wait for it to stop, but we were all excited to hit the setup and get the shots done.
I think Sam and I had been dreaming about this for a long time and the adrenaline of making it happen didn't let the cold get into our brains. We would take turns on a single kite so the other one can help with the rail if it needs to be moved or something or either watch the action.

Here it is! Double Incline rail to bonk on the traffic sign. 
 My favorite set up of the day was a "Double incline rail to bonk" on the traffic sign we had there. I managed to get a few tricks out of that one and they all felt really original and sick!
While I had my turn to rest and let Sam ride or a bit I visualized the picture. Nuclear grab of the double incline rail to bonk, the idea was to be grabbing and poking the board while also bonking the sign.

It got the kite again and tried the trick at least 15 times, it was really hard to grab the board enough time and then bonk the sign afterwards. I didn't knew we got the shot until a couple of weeks after when Josh send me all the shots from the trip. I was stoked on it and now I'm even more happy to see that KiteSpain Magazine decided to run it on their front cover.
I hope you guys enjoyed my little peak into the making off and don't forget to check out the full movie from Canada here ->


Canada, September 2014 / Photos Josh Pietras.